Find your ZEN with our DevOps solutions

Find your ZEN with our DevOps solutions

Infrastructure design

We have over a decade of experience in designing and building public and private cloud architectures. This gives us confidence that we can create solutions which will enable your company’s growth.

Deployment Automation

We deliver fully automated infrastructure, in the ‘infrastructure as a code’ model, as a stable base for your business needs. Next, we integrate your CI process to be a part of this flow.


Our ‘infrastructure as a code’ model gives us ability to scale up and down each element of the infrastructure. Whenever we detect performance issues we can easily scale up affected element.


Monitoring environments enables troubleshooting potential problems before they cause damage. Our tools includes centralized log and metrics mechanisms which describes the system performance and health.


For us support means more than just answering your calls when systems collapse: being proactive works better than damage control. We are always working close to dev teams and supports them with daily basis tasks and issues.


We are taking security seriously and do not switch SELinux mode to disabled by default. We are aware that by adding security level we are increasing complexity but in nowadays it’s mandatory.

"We are an group of engineers passionate about what we do. We are focused on building scalable and fault tolerant cloud environments. See how our experience can work for you."

Michał Tomczuk CEO, ZeroDowntime

The Team

Michał Tomczuk


Serhii Reva

DevOps Engineer

Krzysztof Kotewa

DevOps Engineer

Karol Tomczuk

Systems Administrator

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